R&D@NEC is an exciting blend of generations of industrial knowledge from NEC and Teks Sarl which continues the great tradition of innovation at its new base in the Peak District neighbouring Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Sector, at the heart of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

TEKS was originally established in 2009 in France in the Hautes Alpes, an area close to Italy and Switzerland. To work on the development of sustainable and innovative manufacturing processes for the aerospace and the energy sector.

This led the company to the development of new processes and materials that could be used in the aerospace and the automotive motorsport industries to reduce both vehicle weight and the carbon footprint of the associated processes. Attention has focused on the design and manufacture of advanced polymeric composites, advanced materials and metal matrix composites as these offer the potential for dramatic weight reduction with the potential to manufacture high value components in niche markets.


NEC - Nuclear Energy Components was born out of Newburgh (A group of precision engineering companies) founded by Isaac Middleton in 1939 in the Peak District.  For generations it has been at the forefront of manufacturing in the majority of industrial markets and continues to play a major part in the development of best practices in the manufacturing sector.

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