Background & policy context: 

The KITVES project was aimed at the generation of electric energy on vessels. In the troposphere, the wind increases its velocity with the altitude and this velocity is also more constant. The KITVES solution was based on the onboard realisation of a wind-powered generator, capable of harvesting the altitude wind to efficiently convert this wind power into electrical power.

The main concept behind this project was the application of emerging technologies in the field of energy production towards the field of surface transport and with the main objective of performing the greening of surface transport itself, by the implementation of technologies for an optimal use of energy.



The main objective of the KITVES Project was to provide an innovative solution to the electric energy supply aboard vessels and would be available for the following purposes:

  • Supplying energy to onboard services and auxiliaries;

  • Supplying energy for traction purposes on electric motor-powered vessels.


The project applied emerging technologies in the field of energy production and transferred this to the field of surface transport, in order to perform greening of the surface transport and make optimal use of energy.

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